Nonprofit Services

Building Capacity, Strengthening Communities
LBNP enhances access to information, education and leadership that advance the interest of nonprofits and the communities they serve. LBNP connects nonprofits to a range of capacity-building resources and tools including:

Professional Development and Training
LBNP offers ongoing educational seminars and certificate programs covering an array of relevant topics for nonprofits seeking to grow their organizations, identify, retain and develop staff, and increase their effectiveness.

Networking and Collaboration
LBNP fosters a community of nonprofits where organizations have greater opportunities to connect, share ideas and create learning communities, as well as leverage resources and expertise.

Consulting Services
Our affordable, high quality Consulting Services extend the specialized expertise of our Affiliate Consultants who bring proven experience related to organizational change, growth and success. Committed to supporting nonprofits, our Affiliate Consultants assist organizations in identifying and implementing best practices to reach goals, improve effectiveness and sustain results.

Information Resources

Through our highly valued Gale Winting Resource Library, nonprofits have centralized, convenient access to a unique collection of publications and information pertaining to nonprofit issues. Designated as a Cooperating Collection of the Foundation Center in New York, LBNP also provides access to FD Online, the premiere searchable database of grant and funding sources available.

The Partners membership program provides organizations and individuals with more resources and greater discounts on services. By joining, organizations make an investment in their staff, board, and volunteers, and add their voice to the many other organizations that have shown a commitment to excellence by becoming part of the Long Beach Nonprofit Partnership.